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Erin Grady has 3 published novels.
  In chronological order, they are:

Web of Smoke, October 1994
Echoes, December 2004
Whispers, April 2006

Writing as Erin Quinn, Erin will release the following books in 2009-2010:

Haunting Beauty, August 2009
Haunting Warrior, May 2010
Haunting Desire, TBD, 2011
TBD, 2012

What you should know about my books:  The three titles written as Erin Grady are all single title and none of them continue a story line.  You can read them in whatever order you want.  Web of Smoke is more of a mystery than the other two which contain paranormal elements. No werewolves or vampires between my covers--not because I have anything against werewolves or vampires, I just don't write them.  I do love the paranormal, though, and I hope you'll like the way I weave it in my stories.  You might see an ad out there for a book called In the Chill of the Night.  this was part of an anthology that was never published because the publisher went bankrupt before the release.

The two novels written as Erin Quinn are the Books 1 & 2 in a trilogy.  Though they have independent stories, you will enjoy them best if read in order.

Haunting Beauty is available for order at all bookstores


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Whispers, Echoes and Web of Smoke are all out of print, but can still be order new through numerous online vendors.  I've heard that some bookstores are still able to order as well.  Web of Smoke is long out of print and even I only have a handful of new copies.  However, you can get used copies via amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Got a question?  Contact me!

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Haunting Beauty, August 2009  Haunting Warrior